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Counselling and Shamanic Healing with
Penny Winestock, M.Sc.



Counselling and Shamanic Healing with Penny Winestock, M.Sc. in Marriage and Family Counselling, Certified Director of Psychodrama

SR/E Testimonials

“The soul recovery experience created a new place in my heart for both my father and my maternal grandmother. In a flash it cleared up some painful, entrenched confusion and offered a powerful means to continue contact and discovery on my own.”
writer, publisher, activist

“I've been guided by Penny on a couple of soul recovery journeys. These have been intense and rewarding experiences, enabling me to seek out and bring into healing parts of my spirit that had been far flung. I had participated in many spiritual activities, but never had an experience like this. I recall so vividly the almost immediate impact of an increase in the fullness of my being.”
Charles Smith

“I feel truly grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Penny before my mother died. The soul recovey and extraction that we did helped me to shift into a new way of being with her and the memories I carried. As a result of the shift within me and the release of Spirit that I experienced, my mother and I were at peace together, on her bed, as she took her last breath.
Since then, the images and words that emerged from my journeys continue to inform my choices in healing. I am still connecting and reconnecting with my soul's story and daily I am tending to the needs of my self.”
Martha Dougherty M.A.
Pastoral Coulnsellor

“I have done Soul Extractions with Penny Winestock twice, and the effect of this work on my life and well-being has been profound. I have experienced many changes as the result of my work with Penny, most of them very subtle. One change, however, stands out and has been corroborated by my dentist. During our first session Penny removed 'congestions' from my gums, and during my very next appointment my dentist commented on the improved health of my gums. For most of my adult life I experienced gum disease and bleeding, and now it is totally gone!
I feel that I have achieved a new level of mind-body-soul integration through this work, and am capable of being more honest with myself and others. My personal boundaries are stronger yet more flexible, and I feel more grounded. Some repressed memories came to the surface, and I have been able to work through some old traumas, guilt & shame in my therapy and through my meditation practice.
I highly recommend Penny as a shamanic practitioner to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Her work is very helpful in bringing up psychic subconscious material to the surface.”
Irina Petrova,
MSc. Dip GIT member CAPT

“In the Soul Recovery part of the journey it was helpful to receive the gifts from my father, in particular the one that recognizes me as a person separate from his mother. I feel freed from impossible expectations since he measures me ( and my mother) against an ideal image of his mother. Since I never knew her it's difficult to know what is real and what is his projection in what he says about her, but I have felt liberated from trying to be like her, and more space to be myself. It's a work in progress!
I also resonated with the gift from one of my spirit guides that symbolized the integration of Christ consciousness and Earth Mother/Goddess energy. It feels like all of my spiritual practice is an attempt to do this in some way.”
M.R., M.Div.
Orginizational Consultant

The Soul Retrieval and Extractions performed by Penny Winestock have been absolutely invaluable to me along my spiritual journey, on a level of deep soul healing. They have provided me with much insight into issues and personal blockages in my life, as well as the knowledge and power to let go of patterns that were not serving me. Penny is a gifted and compassionate healer, and the work she does is beautiful and powerful.
Julie Burns,RMT

Soul Recovery and Extraction has been a very positive healing experience for me. Soul Recovery has enabled me to re-connect with my 'self' and respect and nurture the spirit within. The process of Extraction has lifted the weight of all that blocks the road to healing. I continue to nurture and connect with the positive energy that Penny has enabled through her healing wisdom of Soul Recovery and Extraction. Penny helped me so much. Many thanks.
Shelley Savor, Artist

Soul Recovery was instrumental in helping me in my journey to understand the parts of myself/my reactions/my emotions and my needs that I was very confused about.
After soul recovery/extraction, I held myself in a more sacred place. I learned to love and value myself more.
I believe as seekers that we need to be adventurous. I allowed myself to explore and I was held by amazing people....Penny was incredible.


° Heal long-standing health issues

° Balance the emotional body

° Strengthen personal power

° Repair trauma on a soul level

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