Heart Wisdom
Healing and Transformation with Penny Winestock, M.Sc.


Seminars with a Shaman

Experience a 'Shamanar' an evening with 21st. century North American shaman, Penny Winestock. Gather with people interested in personal and global evolution and receive some helpful shamanic tools and gifts. They combine ancient wisdom traditions, modern healing practices, and spontaneous creativity.

Some examples of the offerings are:

Classical mantra chants
Personalized mantra
Mini-shamanic journeys
Shamanic discourse
Story telling
Drum healing
Drum circles
Psychodramatic role reversals
Emotional release techniques
Collective healing amulets
Ceremony and ritual
Hands on healing
Moving meditations
Guided meditations
Life processing
Healthy relationship tips

In a welcoming environment that includes both respect and humour, you can participate at your own comfort level or stretch to play with something new. Take home pleasurable practices that promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being for you and your loved ones.

Penny's particular contributions to this work spring from two sources:

1. Classical
  • Shamanic training and initiation by Cherokee Shaman, Ai Gvhdi Waya in Arizona, 1998
  • Study, practice, and pleasure in Buddhism, Tantra, Tai Chi, Music, Theatre
  • Lifetimes of dedication, bodhisattva-like, to the healing of humankind, including a round or two in the ancient goddess cultures.
2. Modern and Personal
  • Jewels gleaned in this life from 3 decades of working as a depth counsellor and as a professional coach for people in their intimate relationships.
  • Study, practice, and pleasure in dance, drumming, folk/rock/jazz music, improvisational theatre and many soul-expanding relationships with communities, friends, family, lovers, husband, son, brothers and sisters by blood and by choice.
  • Degrees and certification in Couple and Family Therapy (M.Sc.), Fine Arts (performance) B.F.A., Psychodrama & Sociometry (Certified Director).


° Soul Recovery and Extraction

° Testimonials from SR/E clients

° 15-year practitioner in the
  North American Cherokee

° Shamanic Healing Music

° Healing Circles