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Shamanic Tools for Transformation
Healing and Transformation with Penny Winestock, M.Sc.

From the Cherokee tradition, I offer classical Shamanic Journeys known as Soul Recovery and Extraction or SR/E (www.soulrecovery.net). The Soul Recovery portion brings you concrete gifts of insight and repair for wounds that restrict your life energy. Extraction helps to remove blocks from your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

My ability to do these journeys comes with gratitude to my teacher, Ai Gvdhi Waya (Eileen Nauman) one of several native medicine holders who have generously taught and initiated non-native healers like me to tap the power of this ancient and beautiful method.

For further explanation and an example of a complete SR/E journey, see my article 'Shamanic Healing'
To book a journey with me, click HERE.

The journey can be done IN PERSON if you live in or near Toronto, or LONG DISTANCE no matter where you are in the world

These seminars-with-a shaman promote well-being through shamanic teachings, drumming, chanting, story-telling, humour, shmoozing, snacking and other pleasures for personal and communal restoration. People can choose to participate actively or to be present and receive. Shamanars are offered both publicly and by invitation.

Group Shamanic Transmissions and Healing Circles
For groups of people who have common intentions and needs - colleagues, family, friends - I bring energy that promotes everyone's best intentions. These individualized rituals are used to celebrate events, accomplishments, life passages; to launch projects; to heal from grief and loss; or to facillitate any collective healing need.

Both of these neo-shamanic creations combine the power of traditional teachings with gifts from the life- and soul-history of this particular shaman (see my bio) together with the energies of everyone present.

Shamanic Music
Chants and Drum Meditations on CD.

Listening to one of these 15 minute tracks can bring palpable reduction in anxiety, fatigue, confusion, or disconnection. They work through rest and receptivity, so no effort is required.

Listen to clips from the album here:  Penny Winestock: Soul Support


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