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Healing Menu: HOT
Healing and Transformation with Penny Winestock, M.Sc.

If your moment is ripe for it, a HOT experience – one that takes you through a doorway to a new level of wholeness - can spring from anything on the MEDIUM menu, and even from a MILD choice.

These offerings hold the most potential ‘heat’:
Shamanic Counselling transform your relationship with yourself, with your history, and with life itself to one that serves your highest good regular 1 hr. sessions in combination with any other services as your need dictates  
Soul Recovery & Extraction Journey an SR/E journey, even your first, can be the key catalyst for deep transformation 2 hrs. in person 1 hr. long distance by phone or skype

2 half hr. follow-up phone consultations over 2 months
2-5 min. daily meditations for 28 days
Brief Shamanic Counselling increase the impact of an SR/E journey with a brief series of sessions to integrate and expand your healing 1 SR/E journey (see above)

5-7 1 hr.counselling sessions in person or long distance on your schedule
post-SR/E (see above)
Psychodrama if you have been engaged in healing work, a psychodrama can be the piece that completes and solidifies your learning 3 hrs.  
Tantric Fire Retreat fly at your own pace to a union of sexuality and spirituality 1 weekend Play, dance, soak, commune with nature & open your consciousness


° Shamanic Counselling is solid, ongoing skilled support for your deepest healing

° SR/E touches and heals the center of your being

° Brief Shamanic Counselling helps you to deeply integrate the gifts of SR/E

° Psychodrama brings completion, closure, and final healing to long-standing issues

° Tantric Fire Retreats are luxury holidays that open you to joy in your spiritual & sexual nature