Heart Wisdom
Healing and Transformation with
Penny Winestock, M.Sc.

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Heart Wisdom
Healing and Transformation with Penny Winestock, M.Sc.

I am a Shaman and I am here to help people heal and thrive in this time of great transition. Over 3 decades I have offered private sessions, both short-term and in-depth, in Life/Soul Consultation to more than 2000 clients, and sometimes to their partners, children, families, and communities.

If we are a good collaborative match, I can offer you much support, encouragement, and co-created magic in service to your unique life and soul. Come talk with me (in person or on Skype) and you can decide if it will be useful to travel together for a while.

As a skilled Listener, Seer, Guide, and Teacher I can help with these and other issues:
  • finding or returning to healthy self-esteem
  • navigating relationships and their sometimes difficult passages
  • making the hidden (eg.feelings, habits of thinking, inherited tendencies, unconscious beliefs) obvious, in order to expand your choices
  • growing toward fulfilling spirituality
  • shifting whatever keeps you from enjoying the sweetness of life in balance with its challenges
  • learning to understand, value and make use of the experiences in your life
  • enabling the expression and fruition of your own deepest creativity, calling, purpose
Soul Recovery and Extraction (SR/E) Journeys This classical Shamanic healing tool is like a spa for your soul. It increases the effectiveness of any other methods you choose to promote your health, learning, growth, and evolution. It brings you some juicy information and energy from your Guides, through me. Curious? Visit www.soulrecovery.net
Shamanic Counselling These sessions are based in protected conversations about what matters most to you. I will listen with presence, attention, and compassion; I will offer support, perspective, and guidance that can spring from my in-the-moment connection with you as well as everything Iíve learned from my studies, training, practice, and Life (see my bios).
Shamanars These 2-hour seminars-with-a shaman are packed with gifts and tools to support your enlightenment. They're entertaining and nourishing. You are welcome to participate actively or to rest and receive. Every shamanar is unique. The people who gather have some common direction in soul, work, or life, whether by synchronicity or by design, and this enhances the communal healing power.
Tantric Fire Soirees and Retreats I am blessed to be in a profound tantric partnership. Together, my partner and I offer retreat experiences for groups of people to explore, renew, and celebrate their spiritual and sexual natures. We also offer single-evening events in Toronto to introduce groups of people to Tantric practices. www.tantricfire.net
Soul Support CD This CD contains four 15 minute live recordings of my shamanic chanting and drumming in 'journey mode'. The experience of hearing the sound of this altered state brings you healing guidance through the music, evoking in you a meditative state that has benefits for your body and spirit.

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